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The Back Alley Podcast - Episode 01 - Raymond Teo

The Back Alley Podcast
Don't mess around in The Back Alley

Today premiere our new project! A brand new podcast to talk exclusively about beat 'em up-related stuff! Here we will talk about games, development, movies, animation, comics, and everything that the fans of this amazing genre can wish for.

This podcast will have two main formats. The first one is the one you will be listening to today, where I will be interviewing different developers and talking about their games and stories. The other format, which will premiere in about two weeks, will be me and my good friend Tadd (@RetroOnModern) talking about what's going on in the beat 'em up scene, the state of physical release, and even a little bit of fighting games because this year has been great for the fans.

In this first episode, I chatted with Raymond Teo, the developer behind the awesome Double Dragon Gaiden, and we talked about a lot of stuff, from the game's release to the future of the franchise. You can listen to it in the box below, but you can also watch it, with subtitles (English and Portuguese), on YouTube if this is more convenient for you. There's also a new section here on the site, where you can check all the new and past episodes (when they arrive, that is). Check it out!

Spotify: Click Here.

Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons is available right now for Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Steam, and Xbox for 24.99. You can purchase the game by visiting the official site.

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