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Steam Summer Sales - Our Picks.

Updated: Aug 2

Steam Summer Sales is here and there are a lot of cool beat 'em ups on sale, and since money isn't infinite, at least, not ours, we prepare a selection with the best games that you can buy for cheap right now. Take a look:

- 9 Monkeys of Shaolin:

This fun beat 'em up will put you in the shoes of a fisherman who had his village plundered and his friends killed. Now, with only basic knowledge of martial arts, he goes after revenge. But you won't be a beginner forever, learn new moves, get new weapons, and equip your hero with necklaces and shoes that will give you even more power.

Current Price: $5.99

- Eight Dragon:

This classic inspired beat 'em up goes all the way back to 1986 to bring you the authentic Renegade experience, but up to 8 people at the same time. Experience the mayhem brought to this classic formula by calling up some friends to have an extremely fun time.

While the combat is simple, mastering it can be very rewarding.

Current Price: $7.99

- Brok The InvestiGator:

This awesome mix of beat 'em up and click-and-point adventure will take you on an amazing and emotional journey. Solve puzzles, talk to people to find clues and solve cases, and, as you may expect, beat the living heck out of our enemies with a 200kg croc! This game is fantastic for fans of both genres.

Current Price: $13.99

- Castle Crashers:

A classic and one of the first indie beat 'em ups to reach mainstream appeal, Castle Crashers is a very fun game. With cute graphics, simple but fun combat, and cool RPG mechanics, this game will last you hours, and being able to play with another 3 friends makes it even better.

Current Price: $2.99

- Final Vendetta:

Mixing classic visuals with modern combat, Final Vendetta brings back the feeling of playing a true arcade game. Great challenge, excellent soundtrack, and amazing combat are the hallmarks of this beat 'em up.

Current Price: $12.49

- Jitsu Squad:

Inspired by games like Marvel vs Capcom and classic beat 'em ups, this fast-paced game will blow your mind. Colorful graphics, amazing moves, the weirdest enemies you will ever see in a game, and very solid controls make this game one very solid pick.

Current Price: $9.99

- Mayhem Brawler:

One of the favorites here in The Alley, Mayhem Brawler is an urban-fantasy beat 'em up that will put you in the shoes of the officers from The Stronghold, an Agency specialized in dealing with the supernatural. This game has a very cool story and three different endings that can be found exploring the alternate paths the game offers. Another must-have for your collection.

Current Price: $9.99

- Mother Russia Bleed:

While this game can be a little divisive, we enjoy it a lot here in The Alley. A bloody, drug-induced trip that is pretty violent, but it can bring a sense of satisfaction when you beat your enemy senselessly while he or she is down. If you are looking for something with a little more blood than your typical beat 'em up, this is the game for you.

Current Price: $2.99

- River City Girls:

The adventure that brought the girls, Kyoko and Misako, to the spotlight is easily one of the best River City games in the whole series. Play in the open world, upgrade your characters with food, and make your enemies barf in the most classic way. River City Girls is another game that you must have in your collection.

Current Price: $14.99

- Streets of Rage 4:

We don't need to introduce Streets of Rage 4 for you. At least, we don't think we do. But in case you have been living under a rock, besides telling me how you do it, you should know that this sequel to the classic Sega franchise is back better than never. Easily one of the best games ever created, it has more than 21 characters to play. From classics to brand-new ones. If you still don't have it, now is the time.

Current Price: $12.49
- The Last Friend:

The Last Friend is a curious mixture of beat 'em up and tower defense where you have to fight an extremely evil person who decided to kidnap all dogs in the world. Each dog saved will join your team, bringing new powers and towers to defend your beloved van.

A curious mixture that definitely deserves a try.

Current Price: $4.49

- TMNT Shredder's Revenge:

The Turtles are back in a new beat 'em up game after years of absence from the consoles. And this time they bring reinforcements with April and Splinter joining the fight. Face The Foot Clan throughout 16 levels and try to save Manhattan from another Shredder's crazy plan.

Current Price: $17.99



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