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Sacred Citadel - Weekend's Recommendation

Sacred Citadel
From an OK action RPG to an OK beat 'em up

Released in 2013, one year after the release of the game that killed the main series, Sacred Citadel is a spin-off game of a three-game action RPG series called Sacred, which was somewhat successful, in the early 2000, following the wake of Diablo II success. In this beat 'em up spin-off, you will be taking control of one of the four heroes and cross the land of Ancaria, fighting the hordes of the Ashen Empire that are out to destroy and conquer your land.

The story of the Sacred Citadel has it is roots firmly planted in the main series games, so to fully understand the story some previous knowledge of the Diablo wannabe is required. The game makes a good effort to explain everything, so you won't be feeling too out of your element here but, let's be honest, this is not the reason why you will play this game.

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The Heroes:
Warrior Sacred Citadel
Slow and Strong

The Safiri Warrior is always the first in battle. He focuses on melee combat and defeats his enemies with massive, brutal attacks. He will fight to the death to protect his comrades. Even when he's surrounded by enemies, the Safiri Warrior never gives up and fights to the end. Using a two-handed hammer, he crushes his enemies with devastating force.

Special Attack: Performing a destructive jump with his two-handed weapon, the Safiri Warrior uses one of his trademark special attacks to rain down destruction on his enemies

Ranger Sacred Citadel
His Bow Can Save The Day

The Ancarian Ranger is deadly with his bow. From a safe distance, he showers his enemies with a hail of arrows. The Ranger can get up and personal in melee combat as well and uses his blades to bring down his enemies. Using a combination of bow and blades, the Ranger is a truly deadly force.

Special Attack: The Ancarian Ranger can unleash a barrage of burning arrows to bring down even the largest of enemies.

Mage Sacred Citadel
The Ice and Fire Princess

The Main Protagonist--A twenty-year-old Princess, the Seraphim Mage is also the leader of this band of heroes and has dedicated years of study to offensive magic. From a safe distance, she positions herself behind her allies and attacks the enemy with elemental spells. Despite her light armor, the damage she inflicts upon her enemy is huge.

Special Attack: A signature special attack of the Mage is to teleport across a certain distance and materialize with a massive explosion.

Shaman Sacred Citadel
The Party's Healer

The Khukuri Shaman uses sorcery to improve the abilities of her party members and weaken her enemies' powers. Never underestimate the Shaman because of her delicate stature. Besides her ritual spells, she's still very skilled with melee weapons.

Special Attack: When her allies are low on health, the Khukuri Shaman can conjure a magical storm to heal her team.

Pros and Cons

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