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Rushing Beat X - Announcement and What We Know.

Rushing Beat X
Is it the 90s again?

Announced (very) early today, the classic SNES series is returning to modern consoles next year.

Published by Clear River Games, Rushing Beat X is a follow-up to Jaleco's classic games acquired by City Connection a few years back.

The series, which has a bunch of different names for every iteration here in the West(Rival Turf, Brawl Brothers, Peace Keepers) was never a massive hit on Nintendo's 16-bit machine, but it was able to gather some fans over the years.

You can check the announcement trailer right here:

Officially, there's almost no information available other than the game is set to release the next year. But sure, we got some inside information about it for you.

  • The game will be released between March and April next year.

  • It will be released for PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

  • Local Multiplayer for up to 2 people.

  • Experience Points, Level Up, and Unlockable Skills will be part of the gameplay.

  • There will be some sort of cooking mini-game where you can improve your stats.

  • Lots of interactions with the background, with breakable objects that can be used as weapons.

  • The game will have 6 playable characters: Norton, Bild. Lord J., Kazhan, Wendy, and the newcomer Kalhua

So far, that's all we know about the game, but we will be bringing more news as soon as we get them.


As I was recording my impressions some images popped up in my mailbox! Check it out!

Trailer Reaction is also online, check it out after the images!

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Leandro França
Leandro França
21. Sept. 2023

Isso é fantástico, confesso que nunca joguei a versão do snes, agora terei de jogar e ficar no aguardo desta nova versão.

Gefällt mir
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