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Maximus 2 - New Update is Available Now!

Maximus 2 Hero Art
Maximus Fun!

Maximus 2 is the gift that keeps on giving. Released last year for Mobile and Nintendo Switch, and earlier this year for Steam, the game received all the praise from us here at The Flying Kick Headquarters. The game already featured 8 characters, 15 levels, and various modes, and is now receiving another playable character and even a PVP mode. The update is available now for all Systems and it will cost you absolutely nothing.

Maximus 2 character selection screen showing the new character, Willow.
So... gunners in beat 'em ups are a thing now!

New Character:

The new character, Willow, carries with her a shotgun and is able to perform some ranged attacks as special moves. She is pretty quick and powerful and can be a nice option as a support character thanks to her long reach and the barrage of bullets she can unleash on your enemies.

Maximus 2 image showing the new PVP mode.
This gets chaotic pretty quickly!

New Mode:

The new mode is available on the world map, and it works like a tower defense game, where you have to destroy the enemies' defenses to reach their base and destroy their crystal to win the match, while NPCs from both sides walk around helping or trying to stop you. You can also play this mode against the computer if you want to. It is a pretty fun mode and brings some nice competition to a genre that is usually only PVE.

Maximus 2 is available now for free on IOS and Android (with some very fair IAPs) and for only 4.99 on Steam and Nintendo Switch. You can check our review below:


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