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It's Time For Some Changes!

The Flying Kick Logo standing on a construction yard, being held by an scafolding. The text in the image reads "we will be back shortly"
Watch out for your step! It is a mess around here!

Hi! I am Savino, and this is The Flying Kick Network! A little more than one year ago I decided to take the time I had to spare and dedicate it to my favorite genre in the gaming landscape. Talking about beat 'em ups was something that I dreamt for years and I took the opportunity as soon as it presented itself.

At the time, when I started, I didn't imagine that today I would be here, dedicating almost 100% of my time to this genre, helping develop games, and more importantly, creating the most awesome community a person could dream about. But, as with everything we start in life, I was a little naive, and I thought that creating cool names for every project I had was the best thing ever. Yeah, turns out that I was pretty wrong about that. So, it's time for some changes here, in The Alley.

Time to Say Good Bye

Brawler's Alley  Magazine's header from Issue 06 from July 2023.
Everything is Transformed.

Starting this month, we say goodbye to the Brawler's Alley brand. The magazine and the site will be rebranded as The Flying Kick, and with the name change there will also be some changes in how we produce content for both. While we are very attached to the name Brawler's Alley, we would like to keep everything under the same brand to facilitate the promotion, marketability, and reach of the content we produce. Having many brands under the same umbrella can be very confusing to search engines and if what I am doing here is not showing up when people look for beat 'em ups, well, it would be a waste. This will also help with Google ads, after all, I am not against earning a few bucks. (You guys know I am always honest with you.)

The site will keep the same URL until May next year (thanks Hostgator) because we can only change the URL after purchasing a new domain, or when renewing ours. If one of you out there knows another solution, I am all ears!

Much More Than a FanZine

The biggest change will come for the magazine. The former Brawler's Alley Magazine will no longer be a vehicle for news and reviews, as it used to be. We want to create something more permanent, something that in 30 years you can open and read without the things written on it losing their meaning. News is cool, everybody likes to keep up to date, but this is the internet era, and the news gets old quickly! Now, to keep up to date with everything beat 'em up, you just need to access our site, because we will be updating it frequently, bringing to you all the news you want.

The magazine will now take a deeper look at the games, talking about their place in time, development history, and of course, interviews with the developers because they are always timeless. You could say that each issue will now be a small book that will look awesome on your shelf and will be packed with all the relevant information about the games.

YouTube Channel

The Flying Kick Splash screen showing the letters TFK and a man  in the flying kick pose
Hi!! I am Savino and this...

The Flying Kick channel, the culprit of all this, will remain the same. The reviews you guys trust (thank you so much!), the previews you enjoy watching, the first looks, everything will be the same, but now, with more frequency and even a schedule. (I am working on it.)

The channel now has also a member area that not only helps the channel grow but also comes with a lot of cool perks for members, like videos without ads, asking for specific reviews, and other stuff. It is not much, but as we grow, things will get better!

The channel will also bring something pretty cool, every Sunday...

Music For Your Years

The Flying Kick Radio Logo, showing the letters TFK, with a microphone on the background written above "on the air"
Chiptunes for the Masses!

Every Sunday, The Flying Kick Channel will be the place to listen to some of the best beat 'em up music from all eras! During the day, will be streaming a selection of the best music from all eras. We are also preparing some thematic Sundays where will be streaming music pertinent to the selected theme. But that's not all. The Back Alley Podcast, which as you may imagine, will be rebranded, will be streamed on Sundays, during our program. All of this will be part of The Flying Kick Radio which will make your Sunday a lot more fun, informative, and nostalgic!

That's All Folks

And, that's it! All the changes planned for the future are on display here. I know, I know, many of you may be asking what about the printed version of the magazine and I know I said countless times it is coming. But really, this stuff is harder than it looks. The six issues of the Brawler's Alley Magazine are ready to be printed, we are just trying to raise some money to make a little stock and, as you can imagine, it is not cheap. But up to the end of the year, we might have a few issues to deliver. We will keep you all updated.

We hope you all support us in these changes because we are trying to build the best place for beat 'em up fans and we couldn't do it without you! Thank you.

Other than that, I hope you all have an awesome day, and remember... keep "Beat 'em up"!


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