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Final Fight 2 - 30 Years Anniversary

Updated: Oct 31

Final Fight 2 Logo PNG

The Second, but not really Final, Fight.

30 years ago the world was presented with the sequel for one of the greatest arcade games ever made: Final Fight. While we all can agree that better games were made, even by Capcom itself, no one can deny that Final Fight was the game that truly kicked the beat 'em up craze in the 90s in motion. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about the sequel. This Super Nintendo exclusive brawler, while much bigger and bolder than the first one, lacked innovation, bringing nothing new to the table, especially to a table where games like Streets of Rage 2 were already served.

The game's presentation was impeccable, with amazing graphics and gorgeous vistas of a world suffering from the Mad Gear influence. And you will be able to see these places personally since Final Fight 2 takes you around the world, well, basically Europe and Asia. The sequel also has two small cameos of Street Fighter characters, because the game was all the rage back then. Although, it can be a little disappointing that only Chun Li and Guile can be seen in this game. You can see more of what we think about the game here in The Alley in the video below.

What the Media at the Time Thought about the Game.

The media at the time, seems to be somewhat impressed with the game. We couldn't find many scores for it, since most of those Magazines disappeared long ago, but at least GamePro sounded impressed by the game, while not completely in love with it.

Final Fight 2 Game Pro Review
This Carlos... ugh... not the best one

According to Wikipedia, the game scored a 75% at Super Power, a Dutch Magazine, and a 79% at Super Gamer Magazine. Unfortunately, we couldn't find scans for those publications. The Brazilian magazine Game Power gave the game a 35 in 40, as you can see in the image below:

Game Power Final FIght 2 review
Game Power was huge in Brazil

One interesting thing in this Brazilian review is that they reviewed the Japanese version of the game, which have two female characters, Mary and Eliza, which traditionally were substituted by Robert and Leon in the Western release.

Eliza and Robert Sprites from Final Fight 2
Eliza(JP) and Robert(World)

Mary and Leon Sprites from Final Fight 2
Mary(JP) and Leon(World)


The first level of Final Fight 2 has a lot of similarities with the first game. You start on a street and in the second part of the level you are in an underground passage, leading to the streets again, where you will face the boss. Not only the layout is the same, but you can find enemies and breakable objects in the same position as in the original.

Comparging Final Figh 1 and 2
Two guys chilling on the second screen in both games.
Comparing Final Fight 1 and 2
After the stairs, get your barbecue and beat two guys.

Manual's bits and pieces.

The game came with a nice manual that detailed most of the things you would find in the game, including descriptions of the bosses with a little back story for each one, except the last boss, which they wanted to keep as a mystery. We were able to get our hands in some scans that you can check right here:

Final Fight 2 Manual Cover
What Damnd is doing here?

Haggar Final Fight 2 manual page
Not too many moves for a sequel

Maki Manual Page Final FIght 2
Maki is also playable in the Street Fighter series

Carlos Manual Page FInal FIght 2
Carlos has a nice little cameo in SFVI

Bosses manual page final fight 2
5 of the 6 bosses

Boxes Around the World.

As usual at the time, the art boxes were different in some countries, and luckily, we manage to get some of them and you can check all of the right here:

Final Fight 2 North America box art
North America Box Art
Back Side Final Ffight 2 box
Back Side of the NA Box

Final Fight 2 Japanese Cover Art
Japanese Cover Art
Final FIght 2 Back side box
Back side of the JP Box

Final Fight 2 German Box Art
German Box Art
Final Fight 2 Spain Box Art
Spain Box Art

Final Fight 2 - Technical Information:

Developer - Capcom Publisher - Capcom Number of Players - 2 Number of Levels - 6 Size - 10 Megabits Release date: 22/05/1993 (Japan) 15/08/1993 (USA) ??/12/1993 (Europe)


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