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Final Exam - Halloween Recommendation

Final Exam Cover
The Spooky Season is Here!!

The Spooky Season is upon us and of course, we separated some pretty spooky games for you to play while waiting for kids to slam your door asking for treats! To start the celebrations we have a great recommendation for you this weekend. Released in 2013, Final Exam is available right now on Steam, PS3, and Xbox 360. At least on Steam, the game will cost you 5 USD, almost a steal, honestly.

Final Exam offers you 8 big levels for you to explore with one of the four characters available. You can also upgrade them, making them more powerful, and unlock new skills and moves. Online Multiplayer is also available, but your chances of finding a random lobby in a 10-year-old beat 'em-up are pretty dim. Your best chance is to hop in on our brand-new Discord Group.

Check out our Final Exam Mini-Review:


Meet The Heroes:

Brutal Joe

"Hulk Hogan is my master..."
Brutal Joe

Brutal Joe was the star quarterback for his high school. He loved to party and often played rough with the jocks. Some are afraid of him and find him violent, but it does not matter. He graduated with his friends Sean, Cassy, and Nathan.



"Dance 'til you drop!"

When in High School, Cassy befriended Sean, Nathan, and Joe, whom she remained friends with even after graduation. She was one of the most popular students in school and one of the best-looking.



"If you're looking for a fight, here I am!"

Sean was a popular jock at school and was one of the most handsome. He was best friends with 3 other students with whom he graduated from Leafmore with: Cassy, Nathan, and Joe.



"Go get a life!"

Nathan absolutely loves techie gadgets. He's even managed to jury-rig weapons out of them! He was bullied non-stop in school, and in consequence, he's developed a high resistance to pain, making him surprisingly resilient to attacks. He's not really comfortable with hand-to-hand combat; explosives, on another hand, are his specialty. If there's to be a brain in the group, it's gotta be him!


Pros and Cons:

Pros and Cons

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