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D&D: Tower of Doom - 30 Years.

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Still Looking Fresh!

Thirty years ago, on January 14th, 1994, Capcom released one of the best beat 'em ups up to this date. Mixing the mechanics the Japanese giant had already perfected, with the lore and rules of the most famous RPG rule book in the world, was the perfect idea for a genre that was, at the time, on a fast growth.

To celebrate this day, we prepared a video discussing everything we know about the D&D: Tower of Doom and our opinions about it. Today the game is available on Steam, and costs around 15 bucks, but you can find it often for 5 or less.

Check out our video (and other stuff) below:

Game Information:

Dungeon and Dragons: Tower of Doom
Number of Players - 1 to 4
Number of Levels - 17 (9 per playthrough)
Release Date: 13/01/1994
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom


Arcade Cabinet

D&D - Tower of Doom Flyers:

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D&D Tower of Doom Flyer

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