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Capcom vs Konami - Beat 'em Up Showdown (Part 8)

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Capcom vs Konami
Konami's Last Year

1993 was a great year for arcade-goers looking for the newest and hottest beat 'em ups.

Both Capcom and Konami were killing it back in the day pumping out classic over classic. Although the landscape was changing, with the arrival of Street Fighter 2 and the many vs fighting games, both companies were still releasing beat 'em ups that honestly, are hard to rival up to these days.

Unfortunately, Violent Storm was the last beat 'em up Konami would ever bring to arcades, closing an era that didn't last long, but was enough to create legions of gamers that are playing these classics even today.

So far, Konami has been taking the best over Capcom with 4 victories against 3, but we are far from finished here. Although 1993 was the last year for Konami at the arcades, there are still plenty of games for us to cover, in different ways because, as we said back in the first post, this poll was only a way to look at these games chronologically!

Last week, Capcom got the largest amount of votes ever, with 82% of the people voting for Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. Which, honestly, is no surprise considering how good that game is. And while the result last week was somewhat predictable, this week's poll is anyone's guess so... it is up to you!

Capcom vs Konami Poll
It wasn't even a contest.

You can leave a comment down below telling us what you think of the results so far and what is your favorite this time!

Check out the videos below to learn more about the games:


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