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Capcom VS Konami - Beat 'em Up Showdown (Part 7)

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Capcom vs konami
30 years ago... time flies.

1993 was one great year for beat 'em ups, but was also when the brawler fad was starting to wind down. While on consoles beat 'em ups were all the rage by this time, was by 1993 that Fighting Games was getting more and more coins at arcades around the world.

Even so, the quality of beat 'em ups arriving at the arcades was impressive, rising the genre's bar higher than ever. It was pretty obvious the year would be great thanks to the first outings of our two contenders: Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and Metamorphic Force.

So far, Konami is taking the best over Capcom with 4 victories but the results are far from settled because it was after 1993 that Capcom started to bring its big guns.

Last week, Konami won easily last week with X-Men, but we don't think this week will be easy for Konami.

Poll Result
Mutants vs Chinese Warriors... not really fair.

You can leave a comment down below telling us what you think of the results so far and what is your favorite this time!

Check out the videos below to learn more about the games:


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