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Capcom vs Konami - Beat 'em Up Showdown (Part 4)

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Capcom vs Konami
And Here We Go Again!

Ok! We missed last week, but we got a good reason for it. We have been under a lot of work preparing a fantastic edition of our next issue and we have been diving deep into some games to bring to you the best reviews! But, let's stop wasting time and go right to what matters!

As we enter into 1991 things start to heat up in the beat 'em up scene, with Capcom and Konami releasing banger after banger. This time, Konami took the lead and released, on July 2nd, the extremely fun Vendetta, the second game in the Crime Fighters series, while Capcom came a little later, in October with the soon-to-be classic Captain Commando. Both games offered cabinets for 2 and 4 players and were the top-grossing arcade machine in the month of their release. But you know how things roll here, there's only can be one.

The results don't lie, and Capcom is still leading up the race, but we are far from the finish line to decide which of the two juggernauts was the best. Last poll King of Dragons took the best over The Simpsons and it seems that being a famous IP does guarantee victory. Let's see how it goes now.

This Results Can Surprise Some People
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