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Capcom vs Konami - Beat 'em Up Showdown (part 3)

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Capcom vs Konami
Welcome to 1991

After a year with lots of tokens eating by their two flagships arcade machine, both Capcom and Konami skipped the year 1990 at the arcades, at least when it comes to beat 'em ups, but they came back in 1991 with a lot of games, and some of the best ever where released this same year. On one side, we have Capcom, with Knights of the Round, a Dungeons and Dragons-like game, and on the other, Konami, taking another famous franchise, and making brawlers out of it.

Konami got the headstart, with The Simpsons being released in March and Capcom coming a little bit later, in August. From there to the end of the year, things started to heat up as we will see in the coming weeks.

If you are following our polls you know by now that we have a tie, with both companies scoring one point so far. The last poll was really close so, cast your votes, and your bets, and let's decide who is the best this time.

Last Poll Results:
That was pretty close.
Check out the videos below to learn more about the games:


Check out more stuff about the games:



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