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Capcom vs Konami - Beat 'em Up Showdown

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Capcom and Konami characters ready to fight - part 1
The final showdown begins.

It is finally time!

We all know that, when it comes to beat 'em ups, Capcom and Konami were inarguably the juggernauts back in the good 'n old days. From incredible original IPs to amazing interpretations of famous franchises, both companies released not only solid games but games that laid the fundamentals of the genre that we can see up to the current days.

But which one was the best? Honestly, this is a very hard question, and only by comparing multiple games, multiple times, we can be sure about it. So, that's where you come in.

From now on, we will have polls here on The Alley, comparing all Beat 'em Ups from both companies, in multiple ways. By year, by theme, by the number of players... you name it.

And to start it all, we will be comparing games by year of release. While this may not be the fairest way to judge games, both companies started their Beat 'em Up journeys in the same year, actually, in the same month, making it at least a reasonable comparison.

Our first contenders came out both in April of 1989, with Capcom taking an early lead with Dynasty Wars, the prequel to Warriors of Fate, launching on April 1st in Japan. Konami followed suit around 20 days later with Crime Fighters, the first installment in the Crime Fighters trilogy.

Check out the videos below to learn more about the games:




Crime Fighters VS Dinasty Wars - Poll Closed

Check out more stuff about the games:

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