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Brawler's Alley Magazine - Vol. 06 is Out Now!

Brawler's Alley Magazine Logo

We are happy to announce that Brawler's Alley Magazine Vol. 06 is now available for download (for free as always) here on our site. In this issue, we are bringing a ton of cool interviews, from all around the industry, from newcomers to vets, from big names to solo developers. We also have the review of the new Double Dragon, a preview for the upcoming Dawn of the Monsters DLC, and lots of previews for you to keep up-to-date with the best games around!

Check what's in store for you:

  • Double Dragon Gaiden - Review and Interview with the Developer

  • Interview with Mr. Koji Ogata, the original Double Dragon artist

  • Dawn of the Monster - Full DLC Preview

  • Toxic Crusaders - Preview and Interview with the Developer

  • Pizza Kidd - Preview and Interview with the Developer

  • Spark Hunt - Preview and Interview with the Developer

  • On This Day - A look at old games that are worth your time today.

  • Multiple Previews of Upcoming Games that you must know about.

And you can download it right now by clicking right here!

(The Brawler's Alley Magazine is only possible thanks to the donations of our readers. If you enjoy our work, you can leave us a donation by clicking on this link. Thank you!)

Physical Copies:

We are currently working on the site's store which will be online early next week. We want to make sure that we are creating a easy to use store, secure, and with all the features needed for you to get your copies and track them while you wait. We are also currently in negotiation with our country's mailing system to arrange the best shipping prices possible. At first, only the first, fourth, and sixth editions will be available for purchase, but we will add the remaining issues in the following weeks.

Portuguese Editions

We really want to publish the magazine also in Portuguese, but for that, we will need support from the Brazilian community. Download the magazine, share the link with your friends (preferably the site's link so we can track the amount of Brazilians accessing the site.), post it on your social media, and all that good stuff! It takes two months for us to create each edition and doing everything in two languages won't be an easy task, but we are sure that with the help of our Brazilian friends, we will make it.


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