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      We are a small team of passionate players who banded together to form the Brawler’s Alliance, a network of players, developers and content creators aiming to create a vibrant and strong beat'em up community. Our mission is to create  a space where developers can show and talk in detail about their game, providing the players with the latest news about the best games on this genre, taking beat'em ups to new heights!




Ricardo Savino (TFK)

Editor: Old timer player. Felt in love with the first Double Dragon arcade machine in 1987 and still thinks it is one of the greatest games ever. An avid Nintendo Switch player that thinks every beat’em up should be on the console. And it should.

Usually plays with the fastest character in the game and loves some good crowd control.

Don't know how to play with tanks.


Top 5 Classic Beat Em Ups: Double Dragon, Vendetta, D&D Shadow over Mystara, Armored Warriors, Brawl Brothers

Kátia Carvalho (Kate C.)

Designer: The only member who doesn’t plays beat’em ups (yet!) but have a vast experience in design, image and video editing, translation… She’s like a swiss army knife, but more dangerous. She is responsible for all your sensorial experiences here in the site and in the magazine.

Top 5 Classic Beat Em Ups: Once the best Chun Li player in town. Does it count? ^^

Scottie J. (BAC)

Guest Writer: Owner of Belt Action Central and Beat Em Ups resident lab monster.

I have a long history and deep love for the genre that dates back to TMNT The Arcade Game for NES. Nothing in gaming brings me more joy than grinding out tech or working on a strong 1CC or High Score run.

Always down to help a fellow player in need of info or tricks.


Top 5 Classic Beat Em Ups:  Violent Storm, TMNT 2007 GBA, Battle Circuit, Denjin Makai 2, Battletoads Arcade.

Shamsiddin Muhammad Jr (Mr. Din)

Advisor: Owner of Brawlers Avenue and Streets of Rage Online and project lead of Deadly Metropolis. Beat’Em Up enthusiast, combat designer and advisor, he has worked behind the scenes for a handful of games including Streets of Rage 4, Mayhem Brawler and Final Vendetta.


Top 5 Classic Beat Em Ups: Streets of Rage 2, Alien vs Predator, DD Crew, Sengoku 3, Final Fight 3

Sergei Piadyshev (Kotix)

Creator of the most comprehensive Beat 'em Up site on the whole internet. A man who puts objective over nostalgia.

You can check his site right here: Beat 'em Up World


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