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The Alley Project

Taking Beat 'em Ups
To New 

Beat em up characters from several games

Brawler's Alley is the work of a Brazilian couple counting with a lot of help from our friends around the world. First idealized as a free online magazine to talk about beat’em up games and help indie developers promote their work in an old-fashioned way, we quickly realized our goals were undersized. What we thought would hit only a small group of people, found a demand way bigger than expected.

With the release of each issue, the project is receiving more and more requests for a printed version and even for some translations. We understand a magazine is better to read in physical form and in our own language and we're sorry we can't meet all those demands immediately. To create a project like this, huge efforts and investments are necessary and, as a couple, we don’t have the means to do so on a large scale. Designing, researching, writing, printing, storing, and shipping, it’s a lot of things to take care of, and to keep all of this at a constant rate would demand way more complex logistics than we can afford right now.

However, Brazilians never give up their dreams, so we are kickstarting a new phase of our project to make the printed version come true. From now on, we're launching the Alley Store to sell some props and receive pre-orders for the printed edition. And we're also opening a members area on the site with lots of exclusive content for our fans.


As we are not a big company with lots of investors and such, we can only count on our fellow brawlers to help us raise the resources needed for this next step. So, if you can, visit the Alley Store or hit the (improved) donate button down below - it would mean a lot to us and we'll make a huge shoutout in our next issue for your support. But if you can't, share the news with all the brawlers you can find, to help us rock the Alley!


And last, but not least, if you are a developer, we can advertise your game, discuss an interview, a review, a podcast, or something else entirely, so hit the contact button and let's talk business! The main goal of our project is to get you closer to your players and potential investors.

Cover of the first four Brawler's Alley magazines
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